SCREENZ PLATFORM V3, is a cloud-based system providing a unique set of tools designed to enable a two-way interaction between broadcasters and viewers, serving up to 2.8M users per second and up to 100M a minute.

Already deployed in a dozen territories and a variety of formats, the platform can be integrated with any device and operating system and managed by a production team using a web based content management system.

Build 24/7 Experiences

Easily build and style mobile app screens from a growing base of element types. Control content and behavior with no coding required.

Generate Live Viewer Engagement

Create real time engagement by serving interactive frames in-sync with the the progression of the show and its content. Allow for live results to display both on and off screens. .

Curate Content Feeds

Either from social networks or from Screenz content-feed and publishing tool, curate posts into feeds to be displayed and updated in real-time to viewers in the app.

Features Friendly UI and ease of use, our platform is packed with features, constantly updated with the latest trends and capabilities.

From voting to polls to social feed, broadcasters can now publish content in real time directly to viewers’ palms, transforming them into active users, encouraging them to participate in the show.

Modular Elements

Ask the viewers to take part in a live situation. Publish a wide range of modular interaction to fit the needs of the show.


Either in real time or as content-feed posts, ask the audience to vote from in multiple ways. Votes may stay open for as long as you want.


Publish polls about real-time topics discussed on the show, allowing viewers to be heard.


Aggregate posts from production or feed from social media networks.

Engaging Frames

Provide a complementary experience by publishing additional and enriching and sharable content frames related to the broadcast.


Add gamification rules and allow users to accumulate points for their activities.s


Personalize experience. Notify users by location, show page by gender, publish a post only to a specific carrier’s user base or allow only some users to access certain pages.


Drive traffic and dramatically boost users engagement and loyalty by notifying users of important news and just to stay in touch.


Easily combine sponsorships and affiliate programs or even create a live experience for the commercial break.


Use the reporting tools to generate high resolution information to use as content for the live show and for analysis of users’ habits.

Case Studies
A selection of past and present projects

Screenz Content Department develops entertainment formats in various genres and for all screens, based on Screenz Platform V3. Creating unique, evolutionary television shows, allowing viewers to become users, and users to become viewers.

Screenz / Google
01 February, 2016

Screenz / Google

Case Study Video

In December 2014, impressed by the capabilities demonstrated by Screenz platform infrastructure, Google has signed an exclusive deal with Screenz whereby Screenz platform would use Google cloud for launching formats around the world. It has also chose Screenz to be featured in its case study video shown in numerous conferences around the world.
The Brown & Black Forum
11 January, 2016

The Brown & Black Forum

Univision (USA)

Political Forum

The nation’s oldest minority-focused presidential forum was televised for the first time from Iowa on January 11. Seeing democratic candidates discuss live issues from  immigration to education to health. And for the first time audiences at home could comment and voice their opinions live along with the show.
Conecta – La Banda
01 January, 2016

Conecta – La Banda

Univision (USA)

Music talent competition

The biggest show on Univision’s 2015 Fall slate, this latest talent competition show from Simon Cowell, set out on a quest to find America’s new Latin boyband. Over 14 episodes (7 taped, 7 live nationwide), with the help of audience voting from home, the lucky five were pronounced winners.

The first to use Screenz platform V3, Univision launched the Conecta app, intended to host all of the networks shows. The first to use it was La Banda, boasting live interaction throughout the season with live voting in the last 7 episodes.


  • Over 400k downloads
  • Over 4.5m votes
  • Verizon sponsored 4th Judge Gamification
27 October, 2015


Univision (USA)

Scripted Telenovela

With its premiere season in the US, this initially Mexican telenovela launched the Uninovela app. Intended for its hardcore followers, it contains all information about the different novelas in the network’s slate as well as live interaction with the show at time of broadcast. Live interaction contains polling, posts and social chat aggregator


  • A novel way to watch telenovelas
  • 24/7 destination
  • Gamification
The FABLife
13 September, 2015

The FABLife


Daily panel talk show

Tyra Bank’s newest show launched in September 2015, featuring fellow panelists Chrissy Teigen, Joe Zee, Lauren Makk and Leah Ashley. With syndication to over 125 channels around the US it quickly gained viewership from around the country. Using Screenz platform, Screenz launched a companion app creating a 24/7 destination for its fans.  
25 June, 2015


Fox (USA)

Game Show

Premiering in June 2015, this show had an explosive twist. Members of the participating team has to get trivia questions correct by cutting the right cords on a bomb in order to diffuse it. Each cord represented an answer. If they cut the wrong one the bomb exploded, splashing goo all over them and the stage. Screenz launched a play-along app for viewers to play in sync with the progression of the show, mimicking the same experience. episodes.
A Fazenda
21 November, 2014

A Fazenda

Record (Brazil)

Reality competition show

The show follows a group or people living on a farm. There, the contestants must work as a normal farmer, raising animals and doing agriculture with members being voted off periodically. in the same house Season 8 launched in 2014 with a Screenz app, allowing viewer participation along with the show.


  • Gamification
Rising Star
22 June, 2014

Rising Star


Music talent competition

The fastest selling format at MIPCOM 2013, this show revolutionized TV. For the first time - a TV show that couldn’t exist without its digital components and a digital component that couldn’t exist without its TV show.

TUsing the Screenz platform based voting system, viewers at home became judges and voted for the contestants to move along the different stages of the show. In every episode from premiere to finale.

Blog Posts

Google, Israeli Tech Group Screenz Join Forces on Real-Time TV Tool (Exclusive)

December 06, 2014/0 Comments

Screenz is at the forefront of a revolution which is changing the way we watch television. We are delighted that they have chosen to build their game-changing products on the Google Cloud Platform. Our job is to make sure that the technology behind the Real Time Platform works effortlessly so that all viewers need to worry about is which way they are going to vote

Over a dozen formats
Over 20 territories

We develop unique, revolutionary, interactive formats in various genres and for all screens, using our RTE Platform. Whether live or taped, in studio or on location, they always engage and interact with the viewers.

  • Plugged In

    Plugged In

    07 May, 2016

    Plugged In

    Plug In. Rock Out.

    Technology changed music - made it bigger, better but also made us lose the personal connection to viewers. Plugged In is a series of live interactive rock performances featuring the biggest names in music. Fans can decide on the show’s content, interact with their favorite artists in real time, giving them an invaluable chance to shine.


    • Currently in development with a major broadcaster in US

    6 Tribes

    6 Tribes

    08 March, 2016

    6 Tribes

    The Entire Country Is Your Opponent

    The entire country is about to be divided into 6 tribes – large teams of users that compete against each other in a unique online game, accumulating points. These points become invaluable in a weekly prime time game show, where the country’s top celebrities represent the teams and win them a lot of money!

    The new interactive format is an around the clock, 360 game, which pits the entire country against each other, giving everyone a chance to win!

    Which tribe are YOU!?


    • Available

  • Date the Nation

    Date the Nation

    07 March, 2016

    Date the Nation

    We Know What's Best For You

    YOU are about to play matchmaker by helping 1 single guy and 1 single girl to each find love, by setting them up with the country’s hottest matches, because in Date the Nation, viewers decide on everything, every step of the way!

    The 2 singles and their potential matches enter a fully interactive mansion, where the walls feature user generated content that helps the singles decide, who is the right match for them.

    None of the potential matches are safe, and can be eliminated by viewers anytime, using a unique interactive app. Then, new matches, voted in by viewers, take their place.

    As viewers become decision makers, Date the Nation becomes a season filled with twists and turns like none other.


    • Available

    The Tower

    The Tower

    07 March, 2016

    The Tower

    Climb. Conquer. Win.

    The new interactive format that will test one genius's knowledge against the entire country!

    One genius is about to defend his/her modern, 40 stories high tower, against the entire nation. Home viewers will try to conquer it by answering innovative trivia questions, and the genius will try to defend it by answering faster, better and using all the power – ups he or she has to defend it.

    In this live interactive game show, inspired by the popular trend of tower defense games, every viewer has a chance to win a real cash prize in real time.

    Try to conquer… The Tower.


    • Available

  • Control


    11 October, 2015


    You are in Control!

    What if we could tell you that you can control actual human contestants competing live on Television?

    That your phone becomes a joystick that could help or fail them, while they compete against each other in thrilling physical and mental challenges?

    Combining the adrenaline-fueled arena-style of American Ninja Warrior and the unique storytelling of Choose Your Own Adventure – CONTROL is the first ever reality game show that gives the viewers the power to control and affect the contestants in real time, and make a difference.

    Choose a side. Be In Control.


    • Currently in pre-production



    11 October, 2015


    We Know You Better Than You Do

    Screenz and Playbuzz are proud to present a new interactive social experiment that incorporates one of the biggest trends in the world – Online Quizzes – into people’s real lives.

    Quizzes like: “Which city should you live in?”, “What Career is meant for you?”, or “What’s Your Mental Age?” are answered in reality, when people will be given a chance to experience what their lives could be like, based on their answers.

    Whether it’s moving to China and instantly becoming a firefighter and a father of three, joining a metal rock band on tour or being sent off to live in the 1960’s, participants in the experiment will face new challenges as they go along. Can they handle it?

    As stories unfold on the show, viewers can vote for their favorite Restarts, share their own experiences, and more.

    At the end of the restart, participants are offered a "Restart Package," where they can choose to continue their new way of life, but will immediately have to leave their old life behind.


    • Available

  • The Ticket

    The Ticket

    11 October, 2015

    The Ticket

    You Are Already In the Game

    The game show sensation that ANYONE can be a part of.

    For the first time on television, a new cross platform trivia game show that gives everyone in the country a chance to win real cold cash. Played on TV and on a nonstop app, viewers enter the game, get a ticket and their place in the queue, and instantly become contestants.

    Contestants wait their turn to reach the no. 1 spot, and answer just 10 trivia questions. The more users competing, the bigger the show’s jackpot becomes. The one to answer all 10 questions, they win it all!

    As people compete in the 24/7 app, the show’s hosts travel the country and will surprise ticket holders on location – whether it’s 5 in the morning, in a middle of a business meeting, or on a romantic date – and play the game with them in an emotional and surprising format.

    The Ticket gives viewers and users a chance to compete in a game show, time and time again.

    Are you ready to get your ticket?

    Current Status:

    • Distributed by Televisa

    Crowd Control

    Crowd Control

    11 October, 2015

    Crowd Control

    Put Your Fate In Our Hands

    We live in a world of endless opportunities, and the more possibilities we have, the more confused we get. What if we told you, that by giving up the power of choice, we can make your life better?

    Crowd Control put the lives of 5 people in the hands of the country, and the viewers are the ones that will help them make the right decisions, every step of the way.


    • Available

About Our Company

Screenz stands at the forefront of television with the development of its Real Time Entertainment (RTE) platform and cutting edge formats with leading broadcasters and production companies around the globe.

A software-based entertainment company, Screenz provides these platform tools to broadcasters to develop and manage different viewer experiences, making them more engaging and interactive.

It’s content. It’s technology. It’s new ways of monetization.

It is helping with the creation of the new broadcaster, enabling it to deploy these experiences on any platform from mobile to smart TV.

Screenz prides itself in its unique makeup of employees that are equally divided in their background: half developers & tech and half content & creative. With offices in USA, UK, and Israel, Screenz is set up to serve the international community and support a multitude of formats simultaneously anywhere in the world.

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Our Team

  • Eli Uzan
    Eli Uzan

     Eli has over 12 years of experience working with broadcasters and brands both in the local and international markets. He is the founder of the Box Group and Screenz

  • Lawrence Stuart
    Lawrence Stuart
    Head of Business Development, N.A.

    With 10 years experience in the industry, Lawrence Stuart joined Screenz in 2015 after representing the company as their television agent at ICM Partners.

  • Eldar Rapoport
    Eldar Rapoport

    With a BA in Communications Studies from Emerson College in Boston, Eldar spent over 15 years in new media, film, and broadcast industries in the US before joining Screenz.

  • Daniel Joseph
    Daniel Joseph
    VP Product

    Before joining Screenz and following years of experience in the mobile digital world, Daniel was head of Keshet Broadcasting’s mobile division.

  • Arseny Pavlenko
    Arseny Pavlenko

    Arseniy has over 14 years in software development. Main specialisation are security solutions which can be used in extremely high load environments with continuous integrations and frequent code deployments.

  • Metin Bilman
    Metin Bilman
    Head of Content

    Metin was formerly head of development at Israel-based Armoza and a consultant for Strix Television Metin also used to consult Global Agency as part of their acquisitions team to source content.

  • Assa Ram
    Assa Ram

    With 10 years of managerial experience, Assa is responsible for the day-to-day general management of the company. In his last role, Assa served as the CEO of Gil Productions. Assa has a LLB and a BA with a major in entrepreneurship from the IDC Hezelia  

  • Yifat Fouchs
    Yifat Fouchs
    Head of Marketing

    After earning her BA in communication and Management in Tel Aviv, Yifat worked on news and entertainment shows in various Israeli productions both on and off camera

  • Roee Grinblat
    Roee Grinblat

    Roee is a certified Public Accountant in Israel. Prior to joining Screenz, Roee served as a Controller at Menora Mevtachim Finance (investment house) following four years at Ernst & Young. Roee holds a BA in Business Administration and Accounting from the College of Management and EMBA from Hebrew University.

  • Keren Abraham
    Keren Abraham
    Head of Production

    With nearly 11 years of experience and more than 200 projects in digital & TV productions Keren joined Screenz mother company The Box in 2005 before moving fully to Screenz to oversee all production.

We work with some of the best players around the world

  • ABC
  • Rede Globo
  • RCTI
  • TVI
  • TV 2
  • Russia 1
  • Telefe
  • Keshet TV
  • CTC Media
  • Warrior Poets
  • Zig Zag Productions
  • Electus
  • Dick Clark productions
  • FremantleMedia
  • Fusion
  • Univision
  • FOX
  • Televista
  • M6

Tel-Aviv/London/New York /Los Angeles

Tel-Aviv Headquarters

Address: 3 Tvu'ot ha-Arets Street, Tel Aviv 6954627

Europe Head Office

Address: 48 Charlotte Street, W1T 2NS London

New York Office

Address: 154 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013

Los Angeles Office

Address: 10250 Constellation Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067

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