10 interesting Interactive content stats that will get you thinking!

10 interesting Interactive content stats that will get you thinking!

Are you using any interactive content to connect with your audience?

In today’s world, a new generation of viewers is forming, challenging the boundaries between passive viewing and active viewing.

Everybody is constantly connected online and our content consumption habits are evolving, influenced by the evolution of technology.

Technology has created new types of audiences with new expectations from content, like personalization, engagement, direct connections, fast pace, and multiple choices.

Interactivity has an important role in this new era, where users want to be provided with online experiences and not only static content.

We collected 10 interesting interactive content facts and stats that every marketer will find interesting.

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1. The Most Read Story on the New York Times Website in 2013 Was Actually a Quiz (Source)

2. The most shared quiz in the last 5 years had gotten a total of 5.4 million social interactions (Source)

3. Interactive content generates 4-5x more pageviews than static content (Source)

4. Interactive content generates twice as many conversions as passive content (Source)

5. 96% of users who start quizzes finish them (Source)

6. 88% of Marketers say Interactive Content Differentiates Them From Their Competitors (Source)

7. Interactive content provides marketers rich data they can use to learn about their users and market more effectively (Source)

8. The average quiz is shared nearly 2,000 times.(Source)

9. Gamification can bring an up-to-150% increase in engagement (Source)

10. 79% of marketers agree interactive content has reusable value, resulting in repeat visitors and multiple exposures (Source)

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