Business page in social media- is it really effective today?

Business page in social media- is it really effective today?

One of the first steps a new business owner does in terms of advertising is opening a business page in the social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. They take time choosing the right words and picking the best pictures and videos aiming to reach followers and expose them to their content. But does it really work?

Well, the short answer is yes while the more accurate answer is more pessimistic.

Let’s take the example of Facebook- Facebook is the largest and most significant social media website with 1.5 billion users that logs in every day.  However in 2018 ‘We Are Social’ report found that among all business pages the average organic reach is to only 6.4% of its Page’s Likes, meaning that the number of audiences that really see the content is much lower than you may think. These poor statistics aren’t new. According to Forbes, a study made by and SimilarWeb, if we look back at Facebook statistics over the years we can see that traffic to media sites from Facebook has already been decreasing substantially since early 2016. The study says that “each quarter from the first quarter of 2016 to the end of 2017 consistently saw less overall Facebook referral traffic to publishers than the last, with 90% of the total decline over this period occurring during 2017.”

And what about today? Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any better. In fact, in 2018 Facebook decided to fight harder the “fake news” phenomenon by changing their algorithm that picks which content the user sees. As a result, one of the main suffers from this change, says Joshua Boyd from BrandWatch, is the business’s that have a business page in this site. Because Facebook chooses which content the user sees, they pick the most active and popular post while the others disappear in the air. In other words, unless the post gets a lot of likes, comments, and shares, most chances that the number of followers who see the post will be quite low. A way to get around this new obstacle is to pay Facebook for a sponsored campaign.

As shown, sharing regular content in social media may get to some small amount of the page followers, but that’s definitely not enough. The power slipped in favor of algorithms and social media websites interests. We have to take control back and not rely only on social media business pages to reach our users but to make sure we have direct communication with them.

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