Entertainment as a Tool for Customer Engagement

Entertainment as a Tool for Customer Engagement

Entertainment has always been a source for grabbing users’ attention and in today’s world, where everyone is looking to generate improved customer experiences, the use of entertainment can be a game changer for marketers, especially when focusing on the younger generations of consumers.

According to Nielsen, 66 percent of the US population plays video games, and this number is continually growing.

Games are a major factor in the entertainment arena, when we play a game, we immediately create an emotional connection that psychologically can link a product to a positive memory in the users’ mind.

Forbes recently published that “Generation Z Is the Retail Industry’s Next Big Buying Group”, holding $44 billion in buying power and are definitely a different kind of shopper.

A study by IBM’s Institute for Business value 42 percent of generation Z users, would participate in an online game for a campaign and 43 percent would write a product review.

These stats show an interesting aspect about generation Z, they’re looking to get involved with brands and even invest their own time and energy into building the reputation of a brand.

From a marketing approach, using games and entertainment sources as an engagement marketing tool while integrating a gamification functionality from which the user can collect points and gain from them, can not only improve the customer experience but also increase the customer loyalty to a brand, especially for the generation Z which is becoming the strongest digital buying power.

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