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Screenz Originals division develops digital interactive entertainment TV and web formats that merge storytelling with technology in new exciting ways.

We believe in the power of a good story, we are passionate about technology; and we are focused on the endless possibilities that lie in bringing the two together.



As soon as you’ve logged in, you get your Ticket which determines your place in line. Keep checking the app to see your progress through the line until it’s your turn to play for the Jackpot! Once your turn comes, you enter The Vault and it’s time to play for the Jackpot. Answer 7 trivia questions correctly, and the Jackpot is yours!

You can watch which of your friends is playing and get notified when they are on the Vault!

A Couple VS The entire country! Two contestants stand at the top of the Tower trying to protect their jackpot. Their only problem is that the entire country is trying to climb the tower and take their money. For the first time ever on TV every viewer at home can win some of the jackpot!

The tradition of improv shows meets the digital age!

For the first time ever, anyone at home can become a part of the show.

Shout out your suggestions in the app, decide on sketches characters and premis, send a photo of your living room to be used as a setting for a sketch and much much more …

The most interactive music show in the world!
The first technological music studio,
that will enable the artist to interact in real time with the audience and the viewers at home.
’Plugged in’ is not just a musical performance it’s a direct, emotional and new connection between fans and their favorite artists.