Jio is the leading telecom company for the Indian private sector with over 250 million customers.
Jio is not just a telecom network, it is an entire ecosystem that allows Indians to live the digital life to the fullest. This ecosystem consists of powerful broadband networks, useful applications, best-in-class services, and smart devices distributed to every doorstep in India.

“Jio announces partnership with Screenz to create India’s largest digital engagement platform / The Economic Times”


Create India’s largest digital engagement platform.


Jio’s partnership with Screenz is designed to create an entertainment zone for customers where users can find a variety of unique interactive activities enhancing engagement and building loyalty.


Movie Launcher is the first of numerous activities planned to be launched this year, Jio will use the game to promote new movies for the Jio Cinema, the activity was only launched on April 11th and already was played by thousands during the weekend!
Jio is planning to challenge its audience with new movie trailers every week!

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